Top 6 italian handbags designers worth buying

A handbag isn’t just an accessory, it is a statement. A good handbag can bring an outfit together but a great handbag makes even your sweatpants look chic. People steer clear from spending a lot on just a purse but it is a long-term investment that when done right, only increases in value over time. Having proper knowledge about where and how a handbag is made can really help you make the best decision. We have narrowed down seven Italian handbags brands that have made their mark on the industry and have been in business ever since.

One of the top fashion hubs of the world

Italy is home to many big names in the fashion industry. Scoring an overwhelming amount of huge designers that have been setting trends and breaking the scale with their unique productions. The first ever internationally renowned fashion show in 1951 was in Florence. And ever since then, the state still manages to uphold a prestigious rank in the world of fashion; inspiring designers all over the globe with unmatched creativity and craftsmanship. Investing in Italian handbags brands is definitely a safe purchase and great value for money.

  1. Gucci

A very well-known Italian designer internationally; Gucci handbags are an absolute statement. One of the top italian handbags brands to look for. The brand is known for high quality materials, the longevity of the products and the unique and dainty accents. Whether you are looking for a scarf, belt or a bag, this brand has everything you desire. The classic Gucci logo is clean, yet a big statement. Gucci is making a comeback for their youth-inclusive designs where great attention to pop culture and funky details are being added. Regardless of your age and style, you will surely come across something that fits your personality like a glove.

GUCCI Backpack

  •       Ophidia GG Small

This beautiful shoulder bag is a mix of modern and classic. The luxury camel color suede with accents of black leather make for a dreamy combination. The center of the bag is adorned with the classic green and red Gucci stripe to add a much needed pop of color and a more fun appearance. Lined with luxurious blue silk on the inside is a classic detail that only adds more value. A classic gold zipper and a small Gucci logo finish the design to perfection.

  1. Fendi

Founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi, the brand has been around since 1925. Fendi has grown immensely over the past years and is now an international high-end designer brand with unique items that are on every individual’s wishlist. A big name in the world of italian handbags brands. If you are looking for Italian leather handbags designers, that is what they are rightly famous for. A good quality leather handbag can add the edge you need to any outfit. Not every brand does leather right,but there’s no going wrong with a Fendi purse.

FENDI Shoulder Bag

  •       Roma Mini 3 Jours

This bag in a beautifully striking Iris color is a head-turner for sure! The mini purple crossbody bag is a cute size, lightweight and easy to carry for days you don’t feel like leaving the house with much. The incredible Calfskin leather is a great and durable material so you don’t have to worry about getting a short-lived product.

  1. Miu Miu

Miu Miu is established in Italian handbags brands. It is a prominent name in the world of avant-garde fashion. All the designs are out of the box, youthful and unapologetically different. The attention to detail and never seen before silhouettes are a key reason for the unmeasurable success of the brand. Although it is by the Prada group, the designs and creative processes of both are entirely different. On the runway, you never can predict what the collection is going to look like and that is what attracts so many towards purging on a handbag that’s like none other in the market.

MIU MIU Shoulder Bag

  •   Two-Tone Matelasse Leather Belt Bum Bag 

This black and green bum bag is like none other.  The style has been trending specially amongst street style icons all over the globe. The combination of green and black is eye-catching without being too over the top. Our favorite design feature has to be the ruching  of the leather bag that adds all the edge and glamor and makes it unique.

  1. Moschino

Originally created in 1983, the brand has always held a unique identity unlike others. Italian handbags brands are incomplete without this one. The fun and playful color palette and witty designs spur from the designer’s love for fairytales. He sure did make magic happen in the fashion industry by introducing a unique label that was different from the classic trends and that is why it is still a big name to this day. Their handbags have always been a big part of why the brand is so well-known mostly for the incredible quality of their pieces.

Moschino logo bucket shoulder bag

  •       Moschino logo bucket shoulder bag in red

The piercing red is a statement by itself but when paired with the classic logo in gold, it is THE handbag to carry. The unique style and high quality leather make it in our list of Italian handbags brands to purchase. The shoulder bag pouch is full of character and fun. If you want something that is different and want to steer clear of neutrals, this is the one to go for.

  1. Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is an italian luxury brand that is known for their handbags and shoes. The brand won four awards in 2019 and has been a big name ever since. A Bottega bag is usually very elegant and classy. The brand screams high-end luxury. A bag that will not only last long but will add a timeless poise to your appearance!

  •       Intrecciato Boutis Woven Small

This small purse is the perfect accessory. The thick chain link accents on the strap add a certain edge to the bag that is perfectly balanced out with the muted pink color. This olimpia bag made in Nappa leather is a golden find!

  1. Prada

Founded by Mario Prada in 1913, the brand has been a big name in the industry for years. They are mostly known for their incredible leather goods and minimalistic style. The brand has held multiple runways and continues to wow the audience with incredible designs one after another. While considering style and elegance, Prada is the first name that comes to mind.

 PRADA Tote Shoulder Bag

  •   Saffiano Lux Leather Top Handle Satchel Bag

This tote bag in yellow is all the buzz this minute. Yellow is undeniably the color this spring and summer and has been seen everywhere from runways to the streets in full galore. The logo detailing adds the perfect touch of classic Prada while the color screams current trends. If there’s one bag you should get this season, it’s this one!


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