Top 10 authentic handbags brands you should invest in

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The right handbag is just as important as your shoes. In today’s world where everything revolves around glamour, finding your own unique flair is what sets you apart. Find all you need to know about the hottest handbag trends 2021 and how to up your style game this season. If you have been contemplating splurging on a designer handbag or just don’t seem to be sure how to get your hands on authentic handbags, let this be your guiding light!

How to select a good handbag?

Wondering what to consider while making the ultimate purchase? Here are some of the main things to look into before you make the commitment.

  •         Create a mood board!

It’s only trendy if you love it! Surf the internet for what you’re going for, what colors catch your eye and what designs speak to you the most. Decide the vibe you’re looking for and find a designer to match your flair.

  •         Limited budget? Try pre-owned

Best way to buy a designer bags’ within budget is to consider shopping for something preloved. Look for authentic handbags for sale and get yourself a deal worth more the price you pay.

  •         Consider the size

If you find yourself wondering about How to choose a Handbag for every day use, the number one thing to consider are your space requirements. Figure out all your essentials you need on the daily and pick something that accommodates your usage.

  •         Versatility is key

When it comes to looking for authentic handbags, getting something that is a staple is important. Save yourself the time and energy of constantly having to switch out your handbag and get a classic piece you can carry with everything.

We have listed some of the finest, most refined designers of all time that you should invest in without a doubt. Our top 10 designers for authentic handbags worth purchasing include everything from evergreen classics to the latest trendy styles for the fierce and the bold. Getting a bag from any one of these brands is surely money well spent!


  1.      Gucci

A designer countdown without this one is just incomplete and inaccurate. Established in 1921, the brand has gained immense popularity and managed to stay in the game for over decades. It is best known for the famous logo, the canvas bags, the iconic green and red stripe, insane attention to detail and the unmatched craftsmanship. The brand manages to keep things fresh and alive by giving surprisingly out of the box collections such as the latest 2021 campaign creating a fusion of classics with a hint of edge. Providing the most authentic handbags styles to please your aesthetics.

Top 10 Gucci Designers bags


  1.       Burberry

When it comes to poise and elegance, no other brand speaks quite as loud. Sophisticated designs, muted color and the oh-so-famous checkered design are all what successfully made the brand an international icon of elegance. Founded in 1856, the brand grabbed the word by storm with its iconic gabardine trench coat. The legacy was then upheld by authentic handbags, leaving a mark on the British fashion industry. Less is more and the classic Burberry bags are a prime example. Not chasing flamboyance yet somehow still managing to create the most timeless pieces makes it the Best designer handbag to invest in.

Burberry Top Designer handbags


  1.       Chanel

A French luxury brand founder in 1910 by Coco Chanel. A high-end luxury brand famous for perfumes, clothing and accessories. Catering to the unique needs, the brand provides designs that are dreamy and fabulous. Finding authentic handbags from Chanel is one luxury bag worth the price. You can find everything from tote bags to the trendiest shoulder bags. A designer seen on runways to the streets, this makes a statement like none other.


Here’s what to look for in Chanel’s authentic handbags:

  •         Go for caviar leather!
  •         Try out the chunky chain shoulder bags
  •         Look for the classic flap style


  1.       Fendi

A roman fashion house created in 1925, at the very heart of it the brand is adventurous, creative and has managed to pull off a major fashion moment with challenging silhouettes and unconventional materials. A Fendi bag adds personality and edge to any outfit. It may not be a timeless classic, but it’s all the rage at the minute. When it comes to the top 20 handbags brands, this is surely on the list. Mostly gaining popularity with the youth, the handbags are high quality, fresh and iconic. Combining streetwear and luxury, these authentic handbags are worth spending on.

  1.       Prada

The company was started in 1913 by Mario Prada, giving the world the finest taste of luxury ever since. Classy and elegant, the brand provides products that demand to be seen. The brand has been seen on multiple runways and spotted by celebrities all around the globe. A brand most famous for its bags. If you are to find the top handbag brand in the world, this would be it. To avoid being scammed by dupes, only get authentic handbags from a retail store or an authenticated website if you choose to shop online.


  1.       Hermes

When you think high-end, you think Hermes. A vintage Hermes bag or the latest one fresh off the rack? You can’t go wrong either way! The bags are the epitome of luxury and made out of materials like cow, lizard or ostrich skin. The designs include various vibrant and interesting colors that are sure to make a memorable statement.

  •         The BIRKIN

This one is perhaps the crème of the Hermes collection, a style that beautifully molds to fit the current trends. It is available in a wide range of colors, sizes and materials to choose from. For this year, opt for a pretty pink or yellow in the 25cm to stay on trend!

  1.       Louis Vuitton

The brand identity? Its classic monogram canvas! LV bags are recognizable from afar. It is inarguably amongst the world’s leading fashion houses and a big name in international designers. LV has made and upheld a name in the list for the most influential brands for multiple consecutive years. The handbags are made by experienced craftsmen with impeccable skills to ensure a flawless finish to each and every piece.

Why you need to get an LV canvas bag:

When it comes to authentic handbags, the LV monogram canvas bags are durable beyond imagination. The material is scratch resistant as it was originally designed for travel suitcases. It requires little to no maintenance to keep it looking brand new and this makes it the perfect everyday accessory. Make a statement every day with a designer handbag without having to worry about ruining it! This one isn’t just for special occasions, it’s here to make every day special when you carry it.

  1.       Balenciaga

Balenciaga has been all the range these past few years and the trends are here to stay. Balenciaga bags are not only unique in shape and color they are also the products of the finest manufacturing the luxury world has to offer. It has been seen on runways and has given the world everything from classy and chic to avant-garde graffiti masterpieces. The hottest trend for authentic handbags of the season include the Balenciaga hourglass bag. The big monogram and compact shoulder bag style makes it an absolute must-have for all the fashion lovers.

  1.       Celine

This is definitely a frontrunner in the world of designer handbags and rightly so! The brand has some incredible styles to look at. Supporting a minimalistic approach, there are no obvious big logos or signature monogram bags. As the fashion industry is taking a more minimalistic approach, it’s all about the details now. Celine bags are put together by the finest quality exterior and an interior to match it. Each edge is carefully crafted for a seamless finish. When it comes to purses, the Celine authentic handbags are a show stopper. We think everyone should own at least one bag from this designer range. If you want one, here’s our top pick.

  •         The mini luggage bag

This is the most popular style, spotted on the most well-known street style icons and famous celebrities, the style is available in multiple materials and colors so you will most likely find your dream fit. For the summer, go for a fun color and turn heads as you hit the street.

  1.   Givenchy

A high-end luxury French brand that has been around since 1925; Givenchy is an emerging name in the world of designer handbags. Giving some unforgettable styles like the Antigona bags, we can’t possibly conclude our list without it! For getting authentic handbags, always look into the serial numbers to double check. Givenchy bags are made to last, the designs are unique and coherent to the brand identity.

The one that makes you feel good is the one for you!

Considering everything else, the most important thing your purchase should do is bring you joy! Elevate your outfits with a bag that is so uniquely your style, it makes everyone want to have it too!

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