Step out in style; Alternate ways to wear your favorite purse

When it comes to making a style statement and complimenting our capsule wardrobe, handbags and purses are the women’s most treasured pieces of accessories to glam up their fashion persona. From a Birkin to a Christian Dior tote bag, our tastes and budget may vary but the effort we put into picking the right handbags remains the same. But guess what not many of us think even twice about how to wear a purse. It may seem like a random decision but how you style your purse or carry it around divulge WHO YOU ARE! 

Your style speaks volumes of your purse-onality! And not knowing how to wear a purse could draw the eye to all the wrong places. The handbags and purses can take off or add pounds easily depending upon the type of handbag, its size, and where it falls on your body. 

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Flaunt your purse style like a celebrity

Forget throwing your Christian Dior tote over the shoulder, hustling out the door. From Chanel top handle bag to Gucci Marmont crossbody,  the designer handbags are made to flaunt in the most enticing ways- and nobody knows how to wear a purse more than the world’s post-papped women. Not many of us are cautious of our personal preferences about wearing a purse in public. It may impute an unplanned choice but it entails a deeper meaning than you can imagine. 

Are you ready to rock your favorite handbags in the fashion streets like a diva? Here are the alternate ways to learn how to wear a purse in style to give your outfit a whole new vibe that is worth catching a glance at. 

The modesty hold

The top handle bag trend is on for the coming season. But do you know how to wear a purse with a top handle?  Wearing a Chanel top handle bag is just like holding the art of splendor in your hands illustrating a sophisticated look, with a sense of assertion. If you are looking to draw more attention to yourself and the outfit but then you suddenly feel that you are wearing short shorts, modestly holding your mini Chanel top handle bag at the front using one hand, protecting your decency just fine. 

Hold in one hand

Carry your Hermes Birkin handbag and purse in your hand and let them fall from your side. If you are in a crowded area, and wondering how to wear a purse to get that perfect Instagramable click. Hold your handbag and purse in hand and bring them to the front to exude a sense of majesty. It gives your bag an elegant and contemporary look that boasts more attention to appearance rather than convenience.

The go long

The  Gucci messenger bags are classic for a reason. The structured silhouette bolstered with the flair of extravagance is characterized by a single strap that fits comfortably. Just because the bag has a messenger strap doesn’t mean that you are bound to wear it as a messenger carry. 

The versatile style boasts endless iterations and reinterpretations. If you are wondering how to wear this purse like a boss lady then we have got you covered. Flaunt your Gucci messenger bag dangled over the shoulder for a quick statement. Worn low-slung next to your hip, you can let your bag swift freely or hold it close to your body so it doesn’t swing around much. This purse style emanates your free-spiritedness and confidence as you walk through the crowd being watchful and cautious in public. 

Clutch it or grip it

So what if you have a purse with a chain strap? You don’t necessarily have to use it. But how do wear this purse the right way? The only mantra to make the head turns while holding your favorite clutch is by getting the right grip.

 Insist on being carried not worn, the Coach wristlet works well with bold geometric outfits. Cute, slim, and minimal, the key is to grasp it lightly in your hands. Take a page from Olivia Palermo and don’t let the strap distract from the rest of your look.

Chic and sling – crossbody with a bag in front 

There is nothing better than going hands-free with crossbody bags. Do you want to be as free as a bird wanting to have easy accessibility to your essentials? Wearing your satchel bag as a crossbody leaves you unbothered and away from the hassle. Throw one of your Louis Vuitton handbags and purses around! Simply dangle your favorite satchel bag around the neck, across the body under one arm, and let it fall to your front.

The oversized arm candy

Travel in style with leather duffle bags!  Yes, you heard it right. Now you can travel without looking so casual. Don’t reserve the crook of your arm for just small ladylike totes. The fashionistas will not miss your fabulous Louis Vuitton leather duffle bag if you drape it over your arm like Gigi Hadid.  

The classic lady hold

Are you carrying a bag with a hefty price tag? Learn how to wear this purse to show off your high-maintenance look, prestige, and authority. For a ladylike look, the nook style emanates stature and class. Just make an appearance like Nicky Hilton and show off your expensive Hermes handbags and purses. Wearing the exotic Kelly in the crook of her elbow, personifies her spontaneous nature and is a style statement in itself. It is one of the most coveted styles among A-listers, celebrities, and elites especially while flaunting large designer handbags.

Learning how to wear a purse is something as important as getting your hands on the right designer handbags. However, carrying the right bag the wrong way can seriously take a toll on your overall personality. These are exactly the ways one should project with our favorite handbags to look polished, confident, and classy. 

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