Is your closet full with designer handbags? No problem, just sell to us.

Parting with a prized possession is never easy. But hey, sometimes old things have to be taken away to make room for exciting new stuff, right? Of course, designer handbags are quite a purchase, and selling them will never be an easy decision. There are so many memories associated with them, particularly for those who love handbags. Remember the thrill you experienced when you got your first Chanel purse? Or how excited you were of finally making a Louis Vuitton bag a part of your wardrobe? Yes! Designer handbags are undoubtedly in a league of their own!

But then why sell your designer handbags? Why has it become a trend to sell pre-owned designer bags? Because people have realized how beneficial a trade-off this can be. If you, too, are contemplating whether to sell handbags for cash and are still on the fence, here’s what can help you make up your mind.

Why is it time to sell your designer handbags?

It’s totally understandable that you are reluctant to get rid of your high-end bags. But wait! Do you have the room to accommodate all these bags? Here’s the thing about fashion that never changes. It continues to evolve. What’s the raging trend of today fades into oblivion tomorrow.  And as difficult as it might be for you to believe, the handbag you bought with so much aplomb is no different. Even the classic designer handbags become a thing of the past. And then, when a new luxury bag catches your attention, can you really resist the temptation?

The urge is too strong, but then here’s a crucial question, where to store handbags in the bedroom. Do you really have the space to accommodate all the luxury bags? Or even the money to afford them? If you think about these factors, the decision to sell handbags wouldn’t seem so unacceptable to you.

The inadequate space for high-end bags

Very few people have cavernous walk-in closets where they can store it all. Usually, most have limited storage areas in their apartments, so naturally, they need to sell the bags to make room for new ones.

But don’t lose heart. Here’s what you need to focus on.  How often do you wear a designer handbag? Yes! We get it that it’s a prized possession and one that cost you a lot of money but are you really making full use of it, or is it collecting dust in your cupboard? Has the authentic bag seen its prime and is now merely a prized possession that you don’t want to get rid of?

While the sentiments are praiseworthy, aren’t you tired of looking for a bag closet organizer to make room for the latest trends? Is it really the right decision to hang onto something that is now out of fashion and not make space for what’s actually in?

Let’s give you an example. Classic Flap Clutch Quilted Jumbo handbags are still hot. And why not? It’s, after all, quite stylish, not to mention accommodating.

love handbags

But here’s an interesting tidbit. Its popularity has mostly been taken over by the Medium Chanel boy bag. 

sell handbags

So what should you do? Hang onto an old trend past its prime or figure out how to sell handbags online? The answer is pretty straightforward.

The financial push

Okay, so you have enough room and don’t have to wonder where to store handbags in the bedroom. Does that mean you shouldn’t sell handbags for cash? Not really!

Designer handbags have an excellent return on investment. Indeed, the classic authentic bags hold nearly 70% of their original price. So if there is the latest bag you have lost heart to but can’t buy it due to the financial crunch, you know what you should do. Once you learn how to sell handbags online, you will realize that a whole world of opportunities has opened before you.

The demand for designer bags like Louis Vuitton and Chanel never decreases. Interestingly the resale value continues to rise with every passing year for every popular luxury handbag. So you don’t have to hang onto a bag only because you paid a hefty price for it. Instead, you can resell it and move onto buying something that would enhance your style appeal by many folds.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you got the Neverfull GM tote Louis Vuitton handbag. We can’t deny that it’s a timeless design that’s crafted with meticulous detailing and is quite roomy but not bulky. Its slim and comfortable handles are appealing too. 

sell handbags

So you used the bag all too often for your casual outings or to work. The result? The bag is now worn-out or losing its appeal, or maybe has become too monotonous. So does that mean you have to continue with it? No!

Instead, you can now get the Louis Vuitton Alma PM handbag to bring a much-needed change to your wardrobe. We can guarantee that the structured lines and the deep-dyed textured leather will win your heart in no time.

Bag closet organizer


But naturally, this one isn’t going to come at a low price. The solution? That’s right! You should be trying to figure out how much is my Louis Vuitton bag worth by now.

The trends that would never come back

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to follow the trend and get the “it” bags, and understandably so. You see them everywhere on social media, with innumerable celebrities flaunting them in style. Naturally, you yearn to make them a part of your wardrobe. Yes, some of them go onto becoming perennial favorites. But quite a lot passé too.

LOUIS VUITTON NOÉ bucket bag was the latest in-thing for 2020. And why not? It was quite a practical choice that could fit it all. It was practically everywhere, from fashion shows to daily outings.

how to sell handbags online

But then, quite a lot of people realized that they had difficulty managing it. So what to do? How to get rid of something you paid a ton for? That’s where designer handbags never fall short. Owing to their resale value, you can buy the next big thing and remain up to date with the latest trends without worrying for a second about money being wasted. What could be better than that?

Dealing with the classics

Of course, the designer handbags that have the highest resale value are the ones that have been released only a couple of years ago. But then there are the classics that people never grow tired of. The market is enormous for Coach Vintage Handbag Black Leather Cross Body Bag. After all, it’s easy to carry and features the gold brass hardware, enabling you to make a minimalist style statement. It doesn’t make it appear as though you are trying too hard.

But then, with time, you are bound to get bored of it and stop using it. It continues to accumulate dust in the background while you find yourself yearning for the latest coach, Swinger 20.

Where can i sell my Louis Vuitton bag near me


But if you think about where can I sell my coach purse for cash at the right time, this isn’t something you will have to face. Yes, classics are great, but at some point, they also need to be replaced for the latest trends. Fortunately, high-end bags make it easier for you to make the transition since you would never be low on cash to get what you want.

When your handbag has seen better days

Naturally, if you invested so much in designer handbags, you must have used them quite often. After all, all of us love to flaunt our prized possessions. But then, this flaunting comes at a price. Yes, the luxury bags are of excellent value and don’t damage easily, but they indeed get signs of wear and tear with time.

Would you like to continue sporting a bag that looks like it has been in use for ages? Wouldn’t it be a better idea to sell handbags for cash as soon as it starts showing signs of age? This will at least ensure that you can get something better before the bag becomes so worn-out that it will lose its resale value too.

It has been seen that the designer handbags in pristine or excellent condition sell 15% faster compared to those that are in good condition. They also get a higher price. So if you think you have taken the maximum use out of your designer Gucci bag, the time has come to part ways with it and get something better that wouldn’t hamper your style. Just make sure that you clean the bag a bit first so that maximum rewards can come your way.

Understand the scope to sell handbags

Sustainability has acquired immense value in recent times. There’s a reason that luxury designer handbags are now viewed as a sound investment. The market for second-hand high-end bags is booming, and the trend isn’t going to end anytime soon.

So if you really love handbags, now is an excellent time to make full use of the opportunity. Sell the luxury items instead of letting the gems gather dust and losing their value. With the cash, you can get something you really want or give yourself a little treat. It’s imperative to know when the right time to say goodbye is, and with designer handbags, the time might be sooner than you think. After all, the trend continues to change. Don’t you want the latest Louis Vuitton offering? Or the high-end Gucci bag that has just hit the market? Resell your handbag and make room for the next big thing.

A word of advice

By now, you must be wondering, where can I sell my Louis Vuitton bag near me. But we have some advice for you. It’s great that you have realized the scope of selling designer handbags at the right time. But you should also have a clear idea about where to sell these bags if you indeed want the best value. Here are a couple of tips for you.

Ensure that the place has excellent customer service and is always willing to provide you with assistance. At the same time, the process of selling the handbags should be feasible and convenient. Learn how to sell handbags online for convenience but ensure that you check out the reviews of the place you are dealing with. Places, like Sell Your Bags, offer excellent deals, so check out the ones that give value to customer satisfaction.

Designer handbags are timeless accessories but only if used right. A handbag that loses its beauty after years of rough use wouldn’t do anyone any good. So instead of looking for a bag closet organizer, make sure that you know when it’s time to make a switch and get the latest thing while parting ways with the old one. Trust us. You will love the compliments, and it will be one trade-off you will never regret. Get ready to change your designer handbags now!

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