How Sell Your Bags Works? 6 Things You Should Know!

Fortunately, the surge in the used luxury handbag market has arrived, making buying and selling goods easier for both parties. There is always eBay, but these days there are more fashion-conscious players who will pay top bucks for your luxury items. These cutting-edge online markets will handle the majority of the job for you. Now here comes the “Sell your Bags” trying to make business easy for you. All we want is for you to be able to sell your bags online easily and at a good price. In this blog we will help you identify How Sell Your Bags Works?

This also means the addition of these online to your checklist can help whether you need a little extra cash or simply need to create room in your closet for something new. In certain circumstances, all you need to do is send them a few images of the item, and they’ll even pay for the shipment. In the pre-internet era, it would have been difficult to locate those reliable retailers, but today the finest of the best is just a click away.

It is simpler than ever to transform that pile of unwanted goods in the back of your wardrobe into money. You do not need to wait hours in line to find out that the enormous suitcase of goods you brought in is only worth $20. So, check us out as we eagerly want to provide you with the comfort of being able to sell your handbags quite easily and by preventing all the hassle. Now How Sell Your Bags Works?

How Sell Your Bags Works?

Now all you have to is, first of all, visit us at How It Works. Below written 3 steps will be clear to you.


Then, if you are facing any trouble, you can always drop your stuff at our Frisco store to hand turn your ultra-Luxury into cash. However, let us simplify these steps more for you and get into detail one by one.

Get a Quote

You can get an immediate quote from websites like “Sell your bags” by uploading a few pictures of your designer item. If you are prepared to part with your most prized possessions, the payoff might be enormous as the secondhand merchant is known for maintaining an outstanding collection of luxury bags. So, Simply take at least 5 pictures and submit them on our website using our form and you will get a preliminary price quote within a few hours (most of the time within the hour). Follow this link Sell To Us to get a quote.

Ship it

If some company is quite well-known in the field of watches and also sells a decent selection of handbags. It is simple to list your item: Specify a price for your items or decide to sell the bag in an auction. Then that company will decide to provide a pre-paid label after you reach an agreement with a customer, making delivery simple for the seller. There can be a certain amount of seller fee and processing fee involved. The remaining sales price profits are yours to keep. With sell your bags, We will provide you with FREE UPS or USPS shipping label so you simply print and ship. Use this link to How It Works to avail of our services for you.

Get paid

You will get paid within 1-2 business days after we receive your item(s). No uncertainty and no consignment here: sell it now and get paid! How to sell designer shoes online for cash?

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What We Buy?

SellYourBags specializes in luxury designer handbags, accessories, and jewelry/watches such as Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, and more. Below are all the designers that we accept. If you do not see your brand, please do not submit your items as they will be refused. Here is the list of all the designer brands we buy.

Contact us

To contact us, sign up for this form or find us at Drop by our Frisco store to hand turn your ultra-Luxury into cash.

Why choose us?

This question might come to your mind and it is justified. When we claim to be your best option, there must be a reason for you to trust us. We provide 100% authentic designer bags with a lifetime guarantee. Sell Your Bags hasan in-house professional team that ensures the authenticity of designers and we buy only 100%, authentic designers. We aim to make business easy for you and that is why we verify the items from enterprise devices and take third-party services to make sure the authenticity of designer bags. This not only helps our brand reputation but ensures safety for your business with us. So let us together build a standard we only aim to raise.

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