This Is How Can You Tell If It’s a Real Burberry Bag or Not

Let me guess, you own a Burberry bag and there is a doubt if it’s authentic or not? Or, maybe you are here because you are going to buy one and want to know all the precautionary details to make sure your next bag or purchase is actually genuine authentic. To be honest, there are plenty of fake copies out there in the market.

While some copies are so poorly crafted and designed that you might be able to tell they’re fake right away, at the same time there still are some high quality fakes that are very hard to identify from the real deal. So, are you wondering how can you tell it’s a real Burberry bag or not? Don’t worry. I’ll get into all the specifics with you so you can spot a dupe a mile away! There are some obvious tells like Burberry authenticity code check but there are many more details that can help you easily in how can you tell if it’s a real Burberry bag.

Burberry is the brand of the classy and high society. The fashion house produces some pretty high end and iconic designer handbags. These bags are a symbol of class and are actually quite the investment. Being the official supplier of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince of Wales, Burberry bags are also seen to be adorned by the most famous celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and many others Hollywood icons. For such an iconic accessory, it is not strange to find some ‘fake designers’ that not only make their fake rip-offs but also sell your Burberry bag at incredibly unjust and high prices, making it difficult for consumers to buy their favourite products without being riddled with doubts in their mind. Without any further delay, let’s find out how to spot a fake Burberry bag.

How can you tell if its a real Burberry bag?

Material Quality

The first and most obvious thing that any person notices while buying anything is its build quality and overall make. Most of the time, a consumer can identify a fake bag easily by its low-quality fabric just by the feel of it. The luxurious and high-end Burberry handbags are made with the finest quality leather or silk without any imperfections or flaws. Mind you, these bags exude style.

Their detail to finishing is not easy to completely replicate and copy which makes it easy when you want to know how do you tell fake Burberry bag. From the zipping to the stitching everything is made with pure excellence and the highest expertise. On the other hand, a fake Burberry bag will lack the overall premium feel and sometimes even look. Rubbing your hand over the surface just won’t feel royal and might feel fake to the touch. If it doesn’t feel absolutely high-end, it sure isn’t Burberry!

Examining the Stitching

Burberry is super popular for its excellent craftsmanship. Their stitching is even, clean and straight with no loose threads. Even the stitching on the inside is done with supreme attention to fine and intricate details. So, examine every part of the bag carefully from the exterior to the interior. Check the stitching of the handles, sleeves and pockets carefully and thoroughly. A fake Burberry will most probably have uneven stitching here and there. There can even be discrepancies in the size of each stitch where some might be bigger than others. A real Burberry should have consistency in spacing as well as sizing or stitching. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any loose threads or visible glue marks because such shoddy craftsmanship is definitely not the mark of an authentic Burberry. So how can you tell if it’s a real Burberry bag? Its stitching should be absolutely flawless and impeccable.

Burberry Logo Font

You will be pleasantly interested to see how the intricacies of the Burberry logo itself can help with how can you tell if it’s a real Burberry bag or not. With the information I’m about to give you, you will quickly be able to distinguish the fashion house’s specific font style for the logo letters.
The logo should be exactly in the centre and should be readable with sharp clean lettering. In an authentic Burberry logo, you will also find the following:

  • The left stem of the ‘U’ is thicker than the right one.
  • The left arm of the ‘Y’ is thicker than the right one.
  • The upper bowl of ‘B’ is smaller than the lower bowl.
  • The lower bar of ‘E’ extends beyond the upper bar, this is a very minute detail and may require extremely close and concentrated inspection.
  • The ‘R’ letters have a slight tail.

In case you don’t find all the above-mentioned details in the bag’s logo, it is probably not an authentic bag and you now know how to tell if a Burberry bag is authentic or not.

Don’t miss out on the Hardware tells

If you want to know how can you tell if it’s a real Burberry bag or not, examining its hardware is super important. Burberry bags that are original will have heavy and substantial solid metal hardware. It will never feel cheap or appear flaky like with many dupes. Moreover, if the hardware is engraved, the engraving will be extremely precise and flawless. Engravings on an authentic bag will never ever be blurry or appear low in quality.

Where can I get authentic Burberry bags from?

Having the information on how can you tell if it’s a real Burberry bag from fakes is extremely important but there are reliable outlets where you can shop from and won’t have to go through the hassle of authenticating your bag. Visit our website and explore our 100% authentic Burberry preloved handbags collection.

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To Conclude:

You can shop with us and save yourself the hassle of checking whether your Burberry is genuine or fake.

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